Audio Transcript

The Dependent
Woman:  I thought you were bringing a condom.

Man:  This is the responsibility of both of us. You need to bring your condoms as much as I need to bring mine.

The Pleasure Seeker
Man:  Look I ain’t putting that thing on my dick baby. I can’t feel nothing with that thing on. Nope, just ain’t going to do it.

Woman:  Being protected turns ME on!  We can try an ultra-sensitive or ultra-thin type of condom to keep sensation high.  Beside if you don’t use one, you won’t feel a thing because I won’t have sex.

The Pull-outer
Man:  I will just pull out before I cum.

Woman:  It’s hard to time this perfectly, especially if we’re both excited. The pre-cum can get me pregnant or transmit STIs.

The Averter
Man:  Birth control is your responsibility, not mine.

Woman:  Sex involves the two of us, from the protection to the pleasure. So man up and get one.

The Confident
Woman:  We don’t need a condom, I’m on birth control.

Man:  Babies are not the only thing we need to worry about.

The Non-Starter
Man:  Yo listen. We did it before without one. Come on baby!

Woman:  I know we have, and it’s a risk we took. It’s never too late to start being safe.

The Lover
Man:  I love you, I thought you loved me too.

Woman:  I do love you. And If you love me, you’ll love me feeling safe and protected. If you love me, you won’t make me prove it by doing something I don’t want to.

The Trustworthy
Woman:   You know me, you know that I am not sleeping around.

Man:  I hate them as much as you do. Let’s get tested and I’ll throw the box away.

The Loner
Man:  But you are already using birth control. We don’t need a condom.

Woman:  I use birth control as a way to prevent pregnancy. But condoms protect from STIs. Until we both get tested we don’t really know if we have an STI. So we need double protection.

The Gambler
Man:  Baby listen.  Just this once. I promise nothing is going to happen. The odds are like a billion to one. Just give me a hug.
Woman:  I could get pregnant any time I have sex. So if you don’t want to use a condom now, there won’t be a next time.

The Giant
Man:  I’m too big to fit in a condom.

Woman:  First, the condom is supposed to be tight. Also there are larger sizes for every man. The standard size fits most men.

The Guilt Tripper
Man:  Yo it’s like what?  You don’t trust me.  I trust you.  Why don’t you trust me?  That ain’t cool.  Come on now.  You my girl right?

Woman:  Wearing a condom isn’t about trust, it’s about our health. Some STIs have no symptoms and may be spread without you even knowing you have it.

The Jealous
Woman:  Why are you pulling a condom? Are you cheating on me?

Man:  I am not cheating on you and I know you are not cheating on me, but we have not gotten tested in a while and besides I can’t have a baby right now.

The Denier
Man:  Yo… for real for real… I ain’t wearing no glove… so.

Woman:  Okay. For real for real there’s no way you can get me to have unprotected sex. No glove no love.

The Idler
Man:  But I don’t have one on me. I have to go all the way to the store to get it.

Woman:  We could still do something else instead. I bet you the next time you won’t forget to get one though.

The Show Stopper
Man:  Stopping to put on a condom ruins the moment.

Woman:  Not if I do it. I know a special way to put it on that you will love.